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Enjoying Trade School

A few months after high school graduation, I realized that I didn't want to go to normal college. I was tired of boring lectures and drab exams, so I started looking for a different way to get into a career. A friend of mine told me about trade school, so I decided to see what it was all about. I researched different schools in my area, and I signed up for an electrician course. When I started school, I knew that I was in the right field, and I truly enjoyed trade school. Check out this blog to learn more about what trade school has to offer.


Skills Necessary To Become A Talented Medical Assistant

The field of medical assisting is a dynamic one, and many people find a medical assistant program gives them the tools they need to have a rewarding career. The options once you complete your training can include clerical work, administrative duties or clinical responsibilities, depending on the nature of the job you choose. While it is possible to become a medical assistant without training, if you want to move forward in your career, it's time to attend a medical assistant school to get your degree.

Empathy and Listening Skills

If you are a good listener and you are able to relate to others readily, then you have two of the skills necessary to be a competent medical assistant. People who are naturally empathetic choose helping careers, of which medical assisting is one of them. When you are able to listen to patients, and ask the pertinent questions that will provide them with better medical care, you should consider a career in this field.  

The Ability to Read and Comprehend Medical Charts

While you don't need an advanced medical degree to be a medical assistant, you should be able to understand the basics in a patient's medical chart. Most charting is now done electronically, so if you have trouble using computers it will be time to improve your skills in this area. You won't be diagnosing patients as a medical assistant, but the ability to understand their diagnosis and provide the prescribed treatment is necessary. As a medical assistant, you are there to help make the job of the physician easier. You may be asked to take vitals on patients, and chart these vitals in an electronic medical record. All of these skills can be taught, but you should be prepared to learn these skills when you attend a medical assistance program.

Confidence Around People Who are Sick

To be a medical assistance, you should be able to talk with and interview people who are not feeling well. Confidence is essential, as a medical assistant who is nervous or unsure will make the patient feel uneasy. If you aren't confident talking to people, especially those who are sick, you should practice these interviewing skills throughout your training. When you want to be a talented medical assistant, learning how to have confidence around patients takes time and effort on your part.

When you have the raw talents it takes to become a medical assistant, it's time to find the right training school to get your career on track.